Just in the nick of time, we have a chemical answer to the hermeneutic of continuity.

A new drug can erase bad memories. No this is not a joke. This could be the answer to all our prayers!

How do we accelerate much needed liturgical reform? How do we erase 40 years of bad liturgy?

Step 1. Issue Motu Proprio making the extraordinary form of the Latin rite more widely available.
Step 2. Take new drug that erases bad memories.

The timing of the invention of this drug could not be more fortuitous! We can now easily erase 40 years of liturgical absurdity in 5 convenient doses.

Bad memories of:

  • Rock Masses. Guitars, Drums, and bad music — Gone!
  • Liturgical Dance — Gone!
  • Awful Translations — Gone!
  • Extraordinary Eucharistic ministers in shorts and sneakers — Gone!
  • Holding hands during the Our Father — Gone!

Combination of Motu Proprio and Memory Drug may cause bouts of spontaneous piety, increased faith lasting more than four hours, proper catechesis, reverence, modesty, and holiness.

Keep out of reach of progressives. Do not combine with any other Rite.