From the UK comes an unbelievable story of a baby that refused to die.

Paula Robinson is a wealthy divorcee with two children. When she unexpectedly got pregnant from a man who didn’t turn out to be the ‘gentleman’ she thought, without a second thought she took the morning after pill. Some weeks later when the signs became obvious that the pill didn’t work, she made arrangements to once again try to abort her baby— this time through the abortion pill. This attempt made her violently ill and induced vomiting to such a degree that the abortion pill failed to work.

Having failed twice to have an abortion, Paula set out to try for a third time. By this point, she was far enough along that she needed an abortion where Doctors “could suck the foetus out”. However, a legally mandated sonogram (thank God) revealed that she was further along than previously thought and would have to travel to London for the abortion. This is when something remarkable happened:

“By now I had seen my baby’s arms and legs waving on the scan. My baby was fully formed and even I marvelled at how it had grown so quickly into this perfect little human shape.

“The sonographer estimated I may be as much as 14 or 15 weeks pregnant, and it seemed perfectly healthy and looked remarkably happy considering I’d already tried twice to destroy it.

“Suddenly it felt as if I would really be killing my baby. My mother obviously felt the same way. ‘You could always give it up for adoption,’ she murmured.

“I went out of the room. ‘I’m sorry,’ I said to the nurse as I walked out of the clinic. ‘I just don’t think I can go through with this.’ It was both the hardest and easiest decision I have ever made in my life.

This absolutely shows how we can never underestimate the power of a sonogram. They can lead directly to the change of heart experienced by Paula.

“I am so pleased I have kept this baby and I really don’t want to put it through anything else,” she says.

“My baby is moving and I certainly couldn’t consider terminating it, whatever the circumstances. Now I feel I have had an incredibly lucky escape.

“I used to think having a termination when a baby was so tiny was nothing. It seems to be so common these days and accepted among women.

“Of course, I still feel guilty that I didn’t want this child – I can imagine myself forever trying to make up for it when it’s born – but I truly feel fate has taken a hand.

“My baby wanted life so much, it is meant to be. To me it is already a miracle baby.”

It may seem that this baby in particular wanted life so much, but we know that they all do. This is a miracle, but all babies are miracles. Thousands die each day without a second thought, the way that Paula’s almost did. Read the remarkable story here.