Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League is screaming and yelling about the offensiveness of Catholics praying for the Jews in the Tridentine Mass. Is this really that bad? Isn’t it actually nice? You know when there’s an entire religion/culture bent on your destruction and killing as many of you as possible I wouldn’t think that another religion praying for you would be your biggest problem.

Here’s the thing: The moment that Iran gets the bomb Israel will likely be destroyed completely. The only thing standing in the way of Iran is the largest Christian nation in the world, namely the United States.

I understand Foxman is using this issue of Summorum Pontificum as a fundraising issue. The first rule of fundraising is to center it around a crisis. But when given the choice between a real crisis and an imaginary one, please pick the real one. To do anything different would be…well…perfidious.