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Ya’ Been Hoodwinked! Bamboozled!

What could possibly go wrong with a bill that had in its name “Religious Freedom Protection?” It sounds like something Catholics and Christians across this fruited plain should embrace, right? Well remember when Illinois passed the “Religious Freedom Protection and… Continue Reading →

Catholic Charity Splits With United Way over Abortion Funding

CMR kudos to Portland Archbishop John Vlazny and a Catholic charity in Oregon which split with the United Way over the organization’s funding of Planned Parenthood. This is a brave and correct decision that will I’m sure be misreported in… Continue Reading →

From Sudan To America To Beijing

This is an amazing and heartwarming story about a Sudanese ‘lost boy’ who escaped death, was saved by Catholic Charities, fulfilled his dream of becoming an American citizen and is now representing America on the Olympic track team. Lopez Lomong… Continue Reading →

Catholic Charities Helps Girl Obtain Abortion

Pro Ecclesia is reporting that federal authorities are investigating the actions of a Catholic charity in Richmond Virginia which helped a 16-year-old Guatemalan girl to receive an abortion in January, in possible violation of Virginia law. Officials have called the… Continue Reading →

Secularism Makes You Stupid

One hundred and four years ago a devout Quaker name Joseph Rowntree drew up a list of scourges on humanity. These scourges included poverty, war, slavery, intemperance, the opium trade, impurity and gambling. Because of his faith, Rowntree set up… Continue Reading →

New Catholic Charities Prez in Boston Fails to Inspire Me

Tiziana Dearing, who has been the executive director of Harvard’s Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, has been appointed to head Catholic Charities in Eastern Massachusetts. The fact that she’s from Harvard scares me right away. Oh and there’s this. She’s… Continue Reading →

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