What could possibly go wrong with a bill that had in its name “Religious Freedom Protection?”

It sounds like something Catholics and Christians across this fruited plain should embrace, right? Well remember when Illinois passed the “Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.”

Yeah. You see, the second part kinda’ nullified the first part.

The church was being forced to extend foster care services to same-sex couples, regardless of the church’s stance on gay marriage. And now in Illinois, Catholic Charities has been forced to drop its suit against the state over foster care simply because it was costing way too much and the chances of getting a good ruling from a politically appointed judge weren’t so good anyway. You’re not going to bankrupt the government in a legal fight. They bankrupt you.

Catholic Charities still says it was right on the law.

Peter Breen, an attorney for the Thomas More Society who represented Catholic Charities in the legal battle, put out a statement Monday saying, “This stands as a stark lesson to the rest of the nation that legislators promising ‘religious protection’ in same sex marriage and civil union laws may not be able to deliver on those promises.”

May not? They have no intention of keeping their promises. They left pays lip service to religious liberty but as you can see they hoodwink. They bamboozle.

In negotiating with these people they’re not looking to compromise, they’re looking for the right configuration of words to make you accept what they want. Much like the “signing statement on steroids” that “pro-life” Bart Stupak accepted to push Obamacare through.

Remember what Obama talked about on his visit to Notre Dame. Religious liberty. Can you imagine that? It’s just words to make you accept what they want.

The good news is that this can’t surprise anyone anymore. The bishops seem very aware of this finally and that’s good news. Let’s not be hoodwinked anymore.