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Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and the Death of the Birth Certificate

*subhead*The biologically impossible recorded on legal document.*subhead* The news on the day the U.S. Supreme Court released Obergefell v. Hodges was filled with same-sex couples standing in front of microphones expressing their joy at the court’s decision to redefine marriage… Continue Reading →

Children’s Rights? Anyone? :o(

*subhead*#AdultsWin #ChildrenLose*subhead* In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage for the entire United States, I have read a lot of commentary. None of it spoke to me as loudly as this post at AnonymousUs.org by a… Continue Reading →

The One Way Street Called Sperm Donation

*subhead*Squish like grape.*subhead* Creating children with sperm donation has gone on for a long time. In fact, the first documented case of a woman becoming pregnant by donor insemination was in 1884.  A Quaker woman and her merchant husband, not… Continue Reading →

The Church Is Not Backward, But Forward

*subhead*Time for society to catch up.*subhead* It is as inevitable as the passing of time. Once there is a new pope, the world begins to wonder when the Catholic Church is going to leave its “medieval thinking” behind and join… Continue Reading →

The Least Suspenseful Court Decision…Evah!

The problem sometimes with making fun of secularist libs is that they’re kinda’ boring. They never do anything non-liberal. All the action is always on the other side. You never know what a conservative is going to do. From day… Continue Reading →

Traditional Marriage Supporter Blacklisted from Teaching at College

A GOP supporter of traditional marriage has been refused by a Minnesota college from teaching a college course by those same academics who are always screaming about tolerance and dialogue. It’s called a blacklist.Tom Emmer ran for Governor of Minnesota… Continue Reading →

Ya’ Been Hoodwinked! Bamboozled!

What could possibly go wrong with a bill that had in its name “Religious Freedom Protection?” It sounds like something Catholics and Christians across this fruited plain should embrace, right? Well remember when Illinois passed the “Religious Freedom Protection and… Continue Reading →

Pro-Choice/ Pro-Gay Marriage Candidate Works at Catholic College

A state Senate candidate in Virginia who works as a high ranking administrator at a Catholic college has come out fervently for abortion rights and same sex marriage, a conflict of interest which the school doesn’t seem to have a… Continue Reading →

Kiss Religious Freedom Goodbye

I think pretty soon we’re all going to be able to be arrested on a new charge called “Working while Being Christian.” Look at these two stories about religious freedom and look how they essentially take almost mutually exclusive rulings… Continue Reading →

Catholic Church to Bless Same Sex Marriages

A Catholic priest in Minnesota announced that he’s ready to bless homosexual partners and repudiated the Church for its teaching of sexual oppression. We all know that chastity is the same as oppression. The two words are practically interchangeable. It… Continue Reading →

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