A Catholic priest in Minnesota announced that he’s ready to bless homosexual partners and repudiated the Church for its teaching of sexual oppression. We all know that chastity is the same as oppression. The two words are practically interchangeable.

It will be interesting to see what the bishop does. I hope we don’t have to wait long.

This from Lifesite.net

St. Francis Cabrini church, of the St. Paul and Minneapolis archdiocese, has announced on their website that they are ready to “bless” homosexual partners.

The parish has published a “Statement of Reconciliation” repudiating the Church for its teaching on sexual purity and married chastity and misrepresenting these teachings as a form of “oppression.” The statement said the parish will “Publicly bless the relationships of a same sex couple after the couple completes a process of discernment similar to that completed by heterosexual couples before marriage.”

The parish statement goes on to pledge that it will publish in the homosexual press their commitment to the homosexual activist agenda and to including “a gay/lesbian perspective in catechesis at all levels, including elementary school age.” The parish currently runs catechesis programmes for children from ages three and up.