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It is as inevitable as the passing of time. Once there is a new pope, the world begins to wonder when the Catholic Church is going to leave its “medieval thinking” behind and join the “modern” age. It is the 21st century after all, and the Church needs to stop being so “backward.”

I am a cradle Catholic, and, when I was young, I subconsciously believed that the Church was “behind the times” and “out of touch.”

As I began my career and worked in cutting-edge biotech laboratories, there was always a nagging question: How can my Church, so rooted in the past, have something relevant to say about modern technologies like stem-cell research, cloning and genetic engineering that are coming in the future?

Then I began researching these technologies and discovered something that changed the way I viewed my Church and my faith. Elbow deep in the latest biotechnology news, I discovered that the Church was far from backward, out of touch and irrelevant.

It is the most forward-thinking institution I have ever encountered — and more relevant today than ever.

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