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The Uncool Dad and the Big Gulp Debacle

This is the worst “meet the teacher” night. Ever. Please check out my latest “uncool Dad” video. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Thanks. *subhead*Fun.*subhead*

Be The “Uncool” Parent

I am the uncool Dad. So I made this video. I hope you enjoy. It’s called The Uncool Dad and the Super Awesome Power of “No.” *subhead*The power of no.*subhead*

It’s Time We Got Loud About Love Again

There’s a lot of anger against Christians right now. I don’t know if you noticed but the media isn’t really a big fan of Christianity. Either are politicians. Or academics. Or Hollywood. Let’s just say we’re not very popular right… Continue Reading →

Monks to Pope: Nah, We’re Gonna Keep Killing People

I remember laughing and guffawing over a character in one of those ridiculous Dan Brown novels that featured an albino monk assassin. An albino monk assassin?! Can you imagine? Oh, how I mocked this terrible slander of Catholics. Ahem. My… Continue Reading →

The Suprising Thing That Happened in Charlottesville

Hate is commonplace. If we’re being honest, we know most of what there is to know about hatred. It’s the star of every news program every night. We’ve seen it at work in our own lives. We know what it… Continue Reading →

This is Why Charlie Gard Matters

Charlie Gard’s parents have dropped the petition to treat their child in the United States, stating that endless delays have pushed him past the point of even the possibility of recovery. So a child will die. A child that possibly… Continue Reading →

Atheism is the Uncoolest Choice Ever. And I Can Prove It

I’ve read a number of stories about how atheism is seen as “cool” by many young people, especially among college age youths. That’s funny to me because I couldn’t think of anything less cool than becoming an atheist. So, just… Continue Reading →

Cecile Richards Had One Job

Cecile Richards, you had one job. And that was to make sure that the federal money truck kept backing in to Planned Parenthood’s driveway. You. Had. One. Job. Richards placed the fate of her organization on the likelihood of a… Continue Reading →

Why the Flat Earth Society Matters

In an age when everyone seems to possess his own ‘truth’, there is little wisdom to be found. On election night last November, I took great joy in seeing the glib so-called “experts” look increasingly surprised (horrified?) that everything they… Continue Reading →

Less Than Human

A childhood friend “friend requested” me on Facebook just a few days ago. I knew her growing up. She’s married, and has children. She was always funny and kind. But after perusing her page I decided not to accept her… Continue Reading →

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