There’s a lot of anger against Christians right now. I don’t know if you noticed but the media isn’t really a big fan of Christianity. Either are politicians. Or academics. Or Hollywood. Let’s just say we’re not very popular right now.

Just look at any random television show. As soon as a Christian shows up they are one of two things, a punchline or a murder suspect. You’re a rube or evil, that’s it.

In total, we are either mocked in the culture or ignored. Look, Super Bowl LI, was watched by 111 million viewers and that’s considered the biggest event of the year. The media makes it the center of the universe. They say “America loooooooooves football.” Everyone’s talking about it.

Do you know on Easter Sunday more Americans report that they attend Sunday services? But it’s virtually ignored. No stories that “America looooooooves Jesus.” Our culture doesn’t reflect that in any way at all.

A dozen football players kneel and it’s a national story. 120 million kneel for Christ and it’s ignored.
Every year my family attends the March for Life but I and my 100,000 closest friends are completely ignored. We’re like pro-life ninjas? Nobody ever saw us. We are the invisibles.

When was the last time you saw a family on television getting ready for Mass? When was the last time you saw one of the many charitable acts of the Knights of Columbus featured on the news? Seriously, if you were to get all your information about the U.S. from watching television shows and news you’d think that 20 percent of Americans were LGBT, about twenty percent were straight up Nazis, and there’s a few Christians somewhere deep in the south who have somehow accrued power and oppress everyone else.

And when we’re not ignored, we’re often attacked with the rules like the HHS Mandate or overzealous human rights commissions forcing Christians out of business. Tolerance is sometimes called the oil of civilization because it reduces friction. But oil is flammable and can be weaponized which is exactly what has happened to the term “tolerance.” Many who march under the banners of “tolerance” and “inclusivity” use it as an excuse to silence others, to bully others, and even commit violence. You see, personal morality is subservient to the morality of the cause. One does not need to look far into history to see where that kind of thinking gets us.

But I’m not here to chair the pity party. I’m not here to say woe is us. Let’s ask ourselves the difficult questions. How did we get here? Maybe it’s partially our fault.

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