Georgetown club permitted to uphold Catholic teaching

Georgetown University’s Student Activities Commission contemplated defunding and expelling a student club for supporting traditional marriage—sparking outrage around the country—but last Friday voted to allow the club to continue espousing basic Catholic beliefs.
Georgetown’s Pride group filed a petition to strip Love Saxa of its university funding and ability to operate on campus. The university’s student paper, The Hoya, then penned an op-ed accusing Love Saxa of fostering hostility and intolerance because it upholds Catholic teaching.
“This cowardly melodrama is currently playing out at our nation’s oldest Catholic university, where a student group has come under attack for taking the allegedly ‘hateful’ position that Christianity got it right when it said sexual relations were meant for marriage, and that marriage was meant to be between a man and woman,” wrote the Family Research Council’s Kelly Marcum, who was a founding member of Love Saxa. “When the utter complacency of the Georgetown University administration is combined with the insatiable appetite of social justice warriors, no strand of orthodox Christianity can be left unthreatened.”
Love Saxa’s funding and status as a university-recognized club remained uncertain after a Student Activities Commission meeting on Oct. 31 ended without a vote, according to The Hoya, but Catholic News Agency reports that a November 3 vote was 8-4 in support of the club.

Renowned author praises Catholic education
Noted author and speaker Aurora Griffin, now working for The Catholic University of America, is lauding Catholic education.
“In retrospect, I would have done well to more seriously consider a Catholic education,” the author of How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard recently wrote in the National Catholic Register.
Griffin said working at CUA has given her a “whole new appreciation for what a Catholic education can do for its students.
“Catholic University strives to instill virtues in the hearts of its students in addition to educating their minds,” she said, pointing to dorms separated by sex, 10 Masses a day offered on campus, as well as the college’s strong stance against the Health and Human Services contraception mandate.
“Unfortunately,” she said, “not all colleges are as deliberate about preserving their Catholic roots… You can’t expect to go to a [seriously or nominally] Catholic school, do nothing, and expect to passively keep your faith.”
Senate confirms Notre Dame University law professor
After coming under fire from Senate Democrats for her Catholicism, the Senate has confirmed University of Notre Dame Law School professor Amy Coney Barrett to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Washington Examiner reports.
Senate Democrats blasted Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, but the Senate nonetheless confirmed her in a 55-43 vote. Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein infamously expressed concern that “the dogma lives loudly” in the professor’s life.
Nell Jessup Newton, dean of Notre Dame Law School, said in a statement that Barrett has been a “beloved teacher and outstanding scholar.” Newton said he is “confident she will be a wise, fair, and brilliant jurist as well.”
Barrett earned her juris doctor at Notre Dame Law School in 1997 and joined the law school’s faculty in 2002. Students selected her as Notre Dame’s “Distinguished Professor of the Year” in 2006 and 2016.

Pennsylvania court threatens Catholic school’s freedom

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