Authorities are now ruling out anti-Christian animus as a reason for the shooting. Mind you, they’re not saying exactly what the motive is. So yeah, they’re ruling out a motive while still saying they don’t yet fully understand the motive. I’m no expert but how does one do that?

Just as they ridiculously ruled out political animus for the shooting of Republican congressmen at their baseball field. Similarly, they labeled the Fort Hood shooter who yelled “Allahu Akhbar” as he shot his fellow servicemen, an incident of workplace violence.

And guess what, Rand Paul’s socialist neighbor who attacked him from behind and beat him senseless and broke five of his ribs. Yeah, that was just a neighborly dispute.

Oh, and the Vegas shooter? Nobody knows.

I don’t believe a word coming out of these people’s mouths. I don’t. Not anymore. I’m so tired of it. We’re being played. These folks are interested in obfuscation, not clarity. It’s about narrative, not truth. I hold out no hope for this country. Our ruling elites no longer believe regular Neanderthals like us can be trusted with truth. And we don’t trust a word they say either. This government is no longer “We the people” but us vs. them. The country can not stand long like this.

*subhead*Us vs. them.*subhead*