Parents seek to help their children become responsible adults. It’s our life’s work. Perhaps nothing is more important to us than raising children who become faithful and responsible adults.

Then we send them to college. With colleges insisting on #safespaces and protecting students from dangerous ideas they’re only locking their children into their childish ideas they formed when they didn’t know better. Far from encouraging them to engage with the greatest minds that history has known, faculty and administration shield students from the great minds. Young people are told that they’re wonderful and that the world is the problem. The patriarchy or the system is the culprit and it’s up to them to fix it. Not only do they have the answer but it’s worse, they’re told they ARE the answer!

But because all they are armed with are childish ideas, they do what children do. They break things. Marriage? Break it. Gender? Meaningless. Freedom? Slavery! They do what children do, they demand things. They cry when they don’t get them. They are incapable of wisdom because they have nothing to build it upon.

The first step to real knowledge is that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. That is the only logical building block for wisdom that I know. Man is fallen. We are not who God wants us to be. We are all culpable. Without that as your basis, all your utopian ideals will fall. Look at the prevailing wisdom of the day. It’s practically accepted now that black people can’t be racist because they don’t have the power. That’s a ridiculous thought. But it highlights what seems to be a dominant theory that if you are the victim you are allowed to act out against the power and you are blameless. It’s like they say it’s perfectly legitimate to punch a Nazi. The thing they don’t tell you is that everyone else is a Nazi. But if you march under the banner of the victim, all sorts of behavior that is repugnant must be excused because personal morality is subservient to public morality, according to them. That’s Machiavellianism. That’s the way to gulags.

Young people don’t want to engage the world and its ideas. They don’t seek to be educated. They believe they are here to educate the world. And the colleges and universities seem to encourage this belief at the low low price of $50,000 per year. So these young people are now demanding that the world conform to their childish ideas and parents are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for these institutions to undo their life’s work and make the world worse.

Worse yet, I don’t see any way out of this spiral. Most colleges and universities will no longer hire actual thinkers and researchers who have some knowledge to share. Only ideologues need apply so the problem will exacerbate.

Doomed. Doomed, I say.

The thing is, even if you find a good faithful Catholic college to send your child, the kid is facing an uphill battle the whole rest of the way. What is the kid facing when they get out? A world turned upside down with secular nutjobs in charge of the media, the government, and academia. I’m in a mood, I guess.

I know that things will change. That is the course of history. We go through phases of building which descends into corruption which devolves into chaos and then eventually you get building again. Right now I think we’re entering the chaos phase. So, if you’re looking for a happy ending, just know that if you get your children educated properly they might just be integral to the rebuilding process. yay.

Don’t make your child fit into this world because then this will be the only world they’ll ever fit into. Make your child fit for the next one. That’s all I got.