Charlie Gard’s parents have dropped the petition to treat their child in the United States, stating that endless delays have pushed him past the point of even the possibility of recovery.

So a child will die. A child that possibly didn’t need to. Why should we care?

We should care because this case has all the earmarks of a political power struggle. But with a body count. I can’t help but feel that pride played a large part in these decisions. People with some modicum of power dug their heels in further and further because they dug their heels in earlier and forgot how to undig.

We should care because on one side we had parents who loved and cared for this beautiful child and on the other we had bureaucrats. And the bureaucrats won.

We should care because a life, a human life, had a small chance of living stripped because some believed his quality of life wouldn’t be high enough to deserve living. Other experts disagreed. But they were, in the end, ignored.

We should care because either human life is sacred or it isn’t. We should care because if we believe life is worth fighting for then ALL LIFE must be worth fighting for – regardless of disability.

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