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Immoral Uses of Biotechnology — Even With Good Intentions — Are Nevertheless Evil

I admit it. I have been MIA in the blogging world for the past six months. Mea culpa. *subhead*Always dare to hope.*subhead* There is a good reason. I am working in a neurobiology lab at the local university. We are… Continue Reading →

Trump Vows to “Totally Destroy” the Johnson Amendment

Because of LBJ’s rule, many pastors have felt effectively silenced for over half a century lest they run afoul of the IRS. It’s just been reported that President Donald Trump, while speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, pledged to end… Continue Reading →

Great News! C-Span to Cover March for Life!

C-SPAN has informed the National Catholic Register that they plan to televise the March for Life live this year. That is good news to pro-lifers because we are so used to being ignored by most (if not all) of the… Continue Reading →

8 Christmas Songs That Have Nothing To Do With Christmas

My kids wanted to hear nothing but Christmas music since the day after Halloween. They didn’t have to wait long before the mellifluous warblings of Burl Ives and Karen Carpenter were played 24-7 on the radio. But I’ve noticed, as… Continue Reading →

Matt’s Weekly Catholic College Report Card

Report Card: Students Perform Mock Abortions, Georgetown Prof’s Crude Comments, and More Disturbing: Students at a Jesuit university perform mock abortions on fruit An “unofficial” pro-abortion group at Loyola University Chicago (LUC) laughed while performing mock abortions on video using… Continue Reading →

The First Commandment of the Intolerant Left: “Thou Shalt Kill”

I believe Leftism is essentially a religion to those who profess it. And the First Commandment of Leftism is “Thou Shalt Kill.” A recent case in point is that a Swiss federal court recently ruled that a nursing home run… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Christians Should Never Celebrate Che Guevera

We are approaching the 49th anniversary of Che Guevera’s death. Awwww. I bring this up because I saw some fool in the pew behind me last week wearing a Che shirt. Nothing like having the image of a mass murderer… Continue Reading →

So the Apostles Faked The Resurrection? Seriously?

I’ve read a number of times (including a rather nasty email) that the apostles probably faked the resurrection? It always makes me laugh. The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, “The ‘wise’ do not believe in the resurrection of… Continue Reading →

The Catholic Doctor Who Invented a Fake Epidemic To Save Jews in WWII

In the fall of 1943, Nazis began arresting the Jews of Rome, many of whom were sent off to concentration camps including Auschwitz where they were never heard from again. While there are many beautiful stories of the people of… Continue Reading →

Earliest Depiction of Crucifixion May Be Anti-Christian Graffiti

We are mocked in popular culture. We are attacked by the government. But this, as we know, is nothing new for Christians. In fact, it’s rather fitting that the earliest surviving depiction of Christ crucified might just be anti-Christian graffiti…. Continue Reading →

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