Report Card: Students Perform Mock Abortions, Georgetown Prof’s Crude Comments, and More

Disturbing: Students at a Jesuit university perform mock abortions on fruit

An “unofficial” pro-abortion group at Loyola University Chicago (LUC) laughed while performing mock abortions on video using tropical fruit. The workshop’s goal was to “destigmatize abortion in general” and show that it’s just a “simple medical procedure.”
No, abortion is the destruction of an innocent human life. And the university should make that abundantly clear to all students.

Georgetown philosophy professor is not only crude and anti-Catholic, but clearly in need of a biology lesson

This is disgusting. I warn you.

In a Facebook post, Georgetown philosophy professor Rebecca Kukla — who is also editor-in-chief of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal and Public Affairs Quarterly and the senior researcher at Georgetown’s Kennedy Institute of Ethics — said that Catholics who agree with Church teaching on homosexuality can “suck my giant queer c***.”

This is a philosophy professor who specializes in ethics that is molding the minds of students at Georgetown. It’s sadly yet another stain on the university, which refuses to defend its Catholic identity.

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