I’ve read a number of times (including a rather nasty email) that the apostles probably faked the resurrection? It always makes me laugh.

The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, “The ‘wise’ do not believe in the resurrection of the dead. It is really quite absurd [to them]. The Ascension had to be made up by groveling enthusiasts as part of their plan to get themselves martyred.”

On the day, that Christ was crucified, the Bible states that the apostles were scattered and on the run. Their leader had just been arrested, tortured, and crucified. Running kinda’ made sense. But you know what doesn’t make sense though? Everything that happened next if you don’t believe in the resurrection.

The apostles, filled with zeal, all ran around the globe evangelizing about Jesus to the point where 11 of the 12 of them were martyred themselves. John, alone died of old age. I think the residents of Pompeii had a better survival rate. (Not really.)

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