There are many things that concern me about Hillary Clinton’s “episode.”

One is that the people around her are more concerned with good public relations rather than getting her immediately to a hospital which is where she should’ve gone.

One of the most amazing things about Clinton’s “stumble” is how the media attempted to downplay it by calling it a “stumble.” It was a collapse. And let’s face it, if there wasn’t cell phone videos we’d never know that Hillary Clinton was ill as the media were told not to follow.

And then immediately after she fell, the Clinton campaign issued a statement saying she was just overheated. The thing was, this wasn’t even a good lie because it had only been about 83 degrees. So then, 90 minutes later, the campaign came out and said that Hillary had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

So why did they say she was overheated? That’s the thing about the Clintons. We don’t even notice that they lied to us. It’s just accepted.

And on top of that, let’s even accept the fact that she had pneumonia. That means she was campaigning while hugging and kissing people for days even thought she knew she had pneumonia -like the little girl at the beginning of this video.

So either you have to accept that Hillary Clinton is lying and doesn’t have pneumonia or she has pneumonia and doesn’t care who she gives it to, including little girls. Really no good choice here.

Update: This is hilarious. I just saw on CNN one commentator excusing her “basket of deplorables” comment because she’d been diagnosed with pneumonia. Can Hillary do no wrong?