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Immoral Uses of Biotechnology — Even With Good Intentions — Are Nevertheless Evil

I admit it. I have been MIA in the blogging world for the past six months. Mea culpa. *subhead*Always dare to hope.*subhead* There is a good reason. I am working in a neurobiology lab at the local university. We are… Continue Reading →

Genetic Engineering and Building a Better Soldier: Captain America vs. Ironman

*subhead*Use things, not people.*subhead* COMMENTARY: Volunteering our bodies for non-therapeutic enhancement and experimentation isn’t patriotic. I will admit the question was loaded. I asked various Catholics, through my blog and social media, who was a better role model: Captain America… Continue Reading →

Genetically Engineered Language: Propaganda Colors Public Perception

*subhead*Remove head from sand.*subhead* A recent headline in the United Kingdom’s Independent shouts that the first genetically modified human embryos could be created in Britain in just a few weeks. The article by Steve Connor reported that scientists have submitted… Continue Reading →

The Biological Arms Race No One Can Win

*subhead*It is up to you.*subhead* I have been going to physical therapy a lot this past year. One kid has had two knee surgeries, another a shoulder injury, and my back has finally decided that having four kids wasn’t so… Continue Reading →

The Seductive Siren Song of Genetic Enhancement

*subhead*Please share.*subhead* Like Patrick with his piece at The Remnant, this could be the most important thing I have ever written. Please share it with your family and friends. The Siren Song of Genetic Enhancement: Promoted as ushering in a… Continue Reading →

Transhumanist Calls Ordinary People “Dangerous Zombies”

*subhead*You are the walking dead.*subhead* It is rare in today’s politically correct society that someone says what they really feel. So I applaud transhumanist Steven Fuller for telling it like it is. Unfortunately, his ideas are terrifying. Fuller has a… Continue Reading →

The Futility of Enhancing Your Kids

*subhead*Windows 95*subhead* This is the cover of the current issue of The Economist. I am sure this is resonating with moms and dads everywhere who are excited about the possibilities of genetic engineering. Parents want the best for their children…. Continue Reading →

More Attempts at Selling Transhumanism to Christians

*subhead*Get your enhancements here!.*subhead* Rev. Christopher Benek I have said many times that for transhumanists to have their technological utopia on earth, they need to sell Christians on the idea that radically changing ourselves into something other than human is… Continue Reading →

It is Time to Become Pro-life 3.0

*subhead*Past time, really.*subhead* For the last few years, scientists have been warning us that genetically modified children are just over the horizon. Rumors have been flying around that laboratories are already using a revolutionary new gene-editing technique called CRISPR to… Continue Reading →

Get Ready for Genetically Modified Kids

After tremendous pressure from consumers on Facebook, Twitter and by email, Hershey’s announced that it will remove all ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in its chocolate. Hershey’s follows other food giants like Nestle, General Mills, Unilever and Post Foods,… Continue Reading →

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