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Silence on Three-Parent Embryos is Deafening

*subhead*Horrifying.*subhead* I will be honest. I am tired. I am angry. I am frustrated. This is likely an uncharacteristically emotional post because, after nearly a decade of writing about biotechnology, I am uncharacteristically horrified. The UK has officially approved the… Continue Reading →

Why the Vatican Statement on Plastic Surgery is Important

*subhead*Transhumanism*subhead* Last week the Pontifical Council for Culture released a document in preparation for the coming plenary assembly that will be discussing the theme “Women’s Cultures: Equality and Difference.” The document contained a strong stance against unnecessary plastic surgery. The… Continue Reading →

80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA”

*subhead*Face palm.*subhead* Ilya Somin at the The Washington Post highlights a survey conducted by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics that found that over 80% of Americans surveyed support the “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA.” Insert groaning… Continue Reading →

Orwellian Deception: Three-Parent Babies Okayed in the U.K.

*subhead*Ministry of Truth*subhead* It is against the law in the United Kingdom to genetically engineer humans in a way that can be passed onto future generations. This is called a germ-line genetic modification. The three-parent embryo technique, also called mitochondrial… Continue Reading →

Down Syndrome Discovery Has Implications for Human Genetic Engineering

*subhead*Small changes, big effects*subhead* The 21st human chromosome is the smallest of all our chromosomes. It contains a few hundred genes and is only 1% of our total DNA. As most people know, an extra chromosome 21 causes Down Syndrome…. Continue Reading →

Genetically Modified Food: Bad; Genetically Modified Humans: Good

*subhead*Colossal disconnect.*subhead* As the United Kingdom, and possibly the United States, are poised to move forward in creating genetically modified children with the genetic material of three people, the world is becoming more aware, and more suspicious, of genetically modified… Continue Reading →

Technology as Savior

*subhead*Who needs Jesus?.*subhead* I worry for young people these days. I know every generation says that about the one that follows, but today’s youth may face a world where simply being human won’t be good enough. Augmentation may be required… Continue Reading →

You Are Sentenced to 1,000 Years

*subhead*Justice or torture?*subhead* Just in case you haven’t had enough of the “ethics” coming out of Oxford these days, here are more disturbing musings by Oxford ethicist, Rebecca Roache. You may remember Roache co-authored “Human Engineering and Climate Change” with… Continue Reading →

The Church Is Not Backward, But Forward

*subhead*Time for society to catch up.*subhead* It is as inevitable as the passing of time. Once there is a new pope, the world begins to wonder when the Catholic Church is going to leave its “medieval thinking” behind and join… Continue Reading →

To GMO or not GMO?

*subhead*Puzzling contradictions.*subhead* As a former California girl, I am aware that my state of origin is full of contradictions like women who are on the Pill eating nothing but organically grown produce. Back in 2004 Californians overwhelmingly voted with Prop… Continue Reading →

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