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Month October 2011

Greatest Dad Evah!

You can’t beat this Dad. He owns the Best Dad ever award until he leaves this Earth. This Dad put together 2000 feet of Hot Wheels tracks with his kids that went through the house and through the neighborhood. And… Continue Reading →

Federal Panel: Gardisil For Nine Yr Old Boys

A federal panel has just approved recommendations that boys as young as 9 years old (nine!) be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease. Atlanta (CNN) — A federal government advisory committee voted Tuesday to recommend that boys as young as… Continue Reading →

Herman Cain? Ok, I Am Listening

I have long suspected that the Republican nomination roller coaster is seeking the most electable conservative they can find who can defeat Mitt Romney. This nomination process is all about Romney, actually its about anybody but Romney. First Bachmann was… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Goes on Hunger Strike, Why Don’t We?

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, recently began a hunger strike to defend the right to freedom of education. How is this much different from what’s going on here in the United States where we have the… Continue Reading →

Vid: Baby Escapes Crib, Destroys Evidence

This made me laugh out loud. So cute. HT Viral Footage

Vatican Suddenly Cool and Popular

Who’d a thunk that the path to popularity among liberals was so easy. Hey, the Church hasn’t exactly been asked to sign everyone’s yearbook recently. The Church hasn’t been in the cool crowd for decades and doesn’t get invited to… Continue Reading →

Parenting According to Monster Movies

In honor of Halloween I’m re-promulgating my long held theory on parenting informed by monster movies. When I was young and single I was King Kong. The King of all Monsters. Nobody messed with Kong. Nobody. Until…I fell in love…. Continue Reading →

Grow Up. But Not So Fast

Before my father passed away some years ago, he told me that he was happy to see me finally grow up. He said he was proud of me. I knew what he meant. I had grown up, but I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Bashir: Can Cain Spell Iraq?

I’m not really a Herman Cain guy. For many reasons. I like the guy but I just don’t like him as President. At least not yet. But this kind of attack just drives me crazy. Martin Bashir asks if Herman… Continue Reading →

Fat Pat Update: A Month To Marathon

So I have been at this training thing for 150 days now and I have just one month to go before the Philadelphia Marathon. All of which is in preparation for the big Kahuna next August. At 150 days, training… Continue Reading →

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