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Month October 2011

Town Denies Public Rosary and the Prayer that Changed Everything

Mike Casey is a praying man. The father of two believes in the power of prayer to change things. But it’s easy to believe in the power of prayer when you see how a little prayer can change things. It… Continue Reading →

Check Out These Catholic Cartoons

I’m always amazed at all the amazing things going on in the Catholic blogosphere. And I’m always delighted to find someone with unique talents and a strong point of view. Jeff B. Harris is sortuva blogger but really he’s a… Continue Reading →

Someone Call Marty McFly!

This is heavy. October 26th was the day Marty McFly went back in time. So I’m a day late but this is still pretty cool. As you might recall Marty rocked the Hoverboard when he went into the future. Well,… Continue Reading →

Chaz Bono Has All The Bases Covered

It is almost impossible to criticize Chaz Bono WITHOUT being prejudiced. Chaz Bono has claimed that there is a bias on Dancing With The Stars that caused him/her to be treated ‘disrespectfully’ and bounced from the show. Bias against lesbians?… Continue Reading →

Politicians are Tools

I was thinking the other night that sports is just another way to introduce heartbreak into the lives of fairly happy people. So frequent are my sports heartbreaks that sometimes I wonder why I invest myself in any team. Because… Continue Reading →

Dawkins: “Jesus Would’ve Been an Atheist”

Famous atheist Richard Dawkins said in a recent interview that Jesus would’ve been an atheist if he knew what we knew today. Wait. What? Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense. Here’s the exact quote: “I wrote [an] article called ‘Atheists… Continue Reading →

CNN: Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street?

CNN says Pope Benedict thinks so. This is so stupid I can’t even be outraged. HT Weasel ZippersHT Daily Caller

Teach the Children Well

There’s recently been some troubling polling news about young Catholics not being well formed in their faith. Relativism is rampant and many children don’t know the difference between transubstantiation and the Assumption. Many young people aren’t going to Mass because… Continue Reading →

Cain’s Kinda’ Freaking Me Out

I don’t know what’s going on with the dude smoking in Herman Cain’s latest ad that’s garnering all sorts of publicity. Rick Perry came out with his tax plan yesterday and all anyone’s talking about is Cain’s ad. I guess… Continue Reading →

The 2012 Campaign Slogan!!!!

President Obama has inadvertently stumbled on the 2012 Republican campaign slogan to end all campaign slogans!! While speaking to his rich friends in Frisco, Obama said this! “The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we… Continue Reading →

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