It is almost impossible to criticize Chaz Bono WITHOUT being prejudiced.

Chaz Bono has claimed that there is a bias on Dancing With The Stars that caused him/her to be treated ‘disrespectfully’ and bounced from the show.

Bias against lesbians? Nope.

Bias against trangender people? Nope.

Bias against idiots? Nope.

Chaz Bono claims there is institutional bias against fat dudes. Fat dudes. On a dancing show? Go figure.

Bono, who earned a score of 19 out of a possible 30 on Monday night, also said he feels there is a gender divide between how overweight men and overweight women are treated on the show.
He mentioned the positive response from the judges to Kirstie Alley, 60 , on the last season.

‘It’s hard to take this competition seriously when the judges are so inconsistent,’ he said.

It’s hard to take this show seriously? Because of inconsistency?


Poor Chaz thought once she messed with her junk that life would be fair. As a fat dude, I can tell you discrimination is rampant. But at least I am not an idiot.