I was thinking the other night that sports is just another way to introduce heartbreak into the lives of fairly happy people.

So frequent are my sports heartbreaks that sometimes I wonder why I invest myself in any team. Because here’s the thing I realized. Most of the time, the fans care a lot more about wins and losses than the actual people on the team.

And this morning it hit me that it’s the same thing as putting hope for pro-life victories in politicians. We care a lot more about the cause than they do (for the most part.) Whereas athletes are simply playing for their next contract so many of our politicians are playing for the next election.

I’m not going to stop rooting for the Mets or stop voting for pro-life politicians at every level, it’s just that I know most of them just don’t care as much as I do.

Here’s the thing – when the NY Giants had Plaxico Burress and he helped them win the Super Bowl, I never thought Plax loves the Giants. No. But he was a useful tool in beating down the Patriots and winning the Super Bowl.

It’s similar in politics, isn’t it? Either a politician is useful to advance my agenda or he’s not. I think in the end, the point is that politicians are tools. I mean it. They’re either useful tools or not. Most of them aren’t for the cause. They’re not our heroes. They’re either useful tools or not. That’s the decision we each have to make.