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Month August 2015

Some GOP More Fearful of Government Shutdown Than Troubled by the Funding the Sale of Baby Body Parts

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to let you know he’s more afraid of the political ramifications of a government shutdown than fearful of funding the killing of babies and the sale of their body parts for profit. Newsmax: “[During… Continue Reading →

Perhaps We Should Call Them “Anchor Fetuses?”

A journalist informed Donald Trump that he was being offensive with his use of the term “anchor babies.” And I was just pleasantly surprised that for once, liberals aren’t offended by the word “baby.” Hey, it’s progress. Or not. Maybe… Continue Reading →

Ashley Madison and the Synod

It seems to me that the upcoming completion of the Synod on the Family might be very much like the Ashley Madison data dump. When all is said and done, we’ll know who has been cheatin’ on the Bride and… Continue Reading →

Open Thread Question

Open Thread Question: What happens to the primary election if the the Dow Jones Industrial Average is below 12,000 by the end of the year? Who gains? Who loses? *subhead*Crash consequences?*subhead*

Baby Dev’s Story Illustrates Surrogacy’s Incredibly Dark Side

*subhead*”Extra” babies sold on the black market*subhead* The hidden camera footage reveals the Indian restaurant is crowded, and the ambient noise of fellow diners all around makes it hard to hear. But Gianna Toboni, an investigative reporter from HBO’s documentary… Continue Reading →

Prager U: Is Abortion Moral?

Dennis Prager is a smart dude. Here’s he’s just dealing with the morality of abortion, not the legality and he makes a point of stressing that. I don’t know how one separates the two. But Prager, whose radio show I… Continue Reading →

New CMP Details Killing of Born Alive Infants. For Profit

Wow. This is horrifying. Note: There are some really disturbing images in the video. Most horrifying part: When Holly O’Donnell recounts time her supervisor asked her if she wanted to see something cool and then taps the heart which starts… Continue Reading →

Watch and Cringe as Hillary Condescends to and Lectures Black Lives Matter Activists

First off, I’m not even sure what these “activists” are truly arguing for. Honestly. I watched it twice and I’m still not sure. But Hillary is so condescending, brittle, and lecturing that Republicans could literally run this as an ad… Continue Reading →

Norm MacDonald’s Critique of Bible Bashing Comic

People are talking about Norm MacDonald this week for his new gig as Col. Sanders. But below is a clip of Norm MacDonald that people should be talking about. On Last Comic Standing, a lame comic makes a bad joke… Continue Reading →

Whoa. Check Out This Humanoid Robot Run Through the Forest

It’s the clank clank clank of his footfalls that I think will fill my sleep with nightmares. And all of our futures with doom. I know their intent is to help humans but nothing but horror will ensue in the… Continue Reading →

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