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Month March 2016

Yup. Donald Trump Actually Retweeted This

Republicans, please do not nominate a man who would do something like this. "@Don_Vito_08: "A picture is worth a thousand words" @realDonaldTrump #LyingTed #NeverCruz @MELANIATRUMP pic.twitter.com/5bvVEwMVF8" — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2016 *subhead*Sick.*subhead*

Even USA Today Can’t Deny Obama Asshattery on HHS Mandate

Here’s a good measuring stick -if your enemy is the Little Sisters of the Poor, you’re probably the bad guy. USA Today: If the Obama administration had thought long and hard about the meaning of religious freedom, one of the… Continue Reading →

Father Tom to be Crucified By ISIS on Good Friday?

So as of now it seems that the Franciscan sisters are saying that Father Tom Uzhunnalil, who is believed to be in the hands of jihadis, may be crucified on Good Friday. But others are saying this may be just… Continue Reading →

If That Stone Hadn’t Been Moved

I just came back from a Living Stations of the Cross done wonderfully by the eighth graders at our Catholic school. So moving. I couldn’t help but think how different the world would be if that stone hadn’t been moved?… Continue Reading →

Wait, Trump is Hanging Out with Thugs?

Donald Trump is inciting violence, right? He is but the media’s obsessed with it and all the blame is going one way. But the media seems unconcerned with the violence being done on those who publicly disagree with Raul Castro… Continue Reading →

Kasich: All You Deranged People Who Believe What I Say, Stop Doing That

Y’know, I’m starting to think John Kasich is kind of a jerk who hates regular people. So Kasich said in numerous interviews that he would consider nominating Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, the liberal Merrick Garland, if he became… Continue Reading →

I Saw “Miracles from Heaven” and Loved It

I don’t do a lot of reviews but I saw “Miracles from Heaven” and absolutely loved it. It’s a good film. It’s like Terms of Endearment meets Jesus. My kids loved it too and there’s nothing inappropriate about it. Jennifer… Continue Reading →

American College of Pediatricians Calls Transgender Ideoology “Child Abuse.”

The American College of Pediatricians issued a strongly worded statement that transgender ideology is “child abuse” and that “a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.” This seems… Continue Reading →

How Many Kids Do You Know Exactly Like This One?

I coach a lot of sports in little kids’ leagues. And I can tell you I’ve seen an awful lot of kids just like this one. The world could use a little Mayberry nowadays. HT Free Republic *subhead*Spoiled.*subhead*

GOP Governor Expected to Veto Religious Freedom Bill Because…Jesus

The Georgia General Assembly yesterday passed the Free Exercise Protection Act which contains wide-ranging religious freedom protections including those for churches, religious institutions, and businesses. Religion Clause: 5.The bill enacts RFRA language. The government may not substantially burden a person’s… Continue Reading →

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