Y’know, I’m starting to think John Kasich is kind of a jerk who hates regular people. So Kasich said in numerous interviews that he would consider nominating Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, the liberal Merrick Garland, if he became president. He didn’t just say it once, he said it twice.

So people thought that hey maybe that said something about the kid of justice Kasich would like to see. What?! No, you morons. Kasich thinks you need to “take a chill pill.” Ok, let’s first never mind that he used a catchphrase from the 1990’s. Let’s focus on the fact that he said he would consider nominating this guy. And then the guy who’s been yelling at people to take his candidacy seriously gets made when people actually take what he says seriously.

Check out the condescension here:

NBC News:

Kasich also said he would consider Garland while speaking to CBS on Saturday.

But the governor stepped back from his comments while speaking to reporters in Utah later Saturday, calling his earlier remarks an attempt at being “polite.”

“In an effort to be polite today, I’ve created little bit of a situation,” Kasich said after a campaign event in St. George. “Look, you know, Garland is — I’m gonna have my own picks for the Supreme Court. You know, the fact is, I said that they ought to meet him and talk to him and, you know, I’m not gonna pick somebody who’s, you know, obviously not a respecter of the Second Amendment. I don’t want people making law and so, nobody should be confused, worked up or upset. He’s not gonna be my pick for the Supreme Court.”

Kasich noted that his “gut reaction” was that people like Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, had spoken favorably of Garland in the past. “He got a lot of votes. But you know, I’m just trying to be polite sometimes, you know? There’s nothing wrong with that. … Everybody just take a chill pill.”