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Yes to Death, No to Life

Tony from Catholic Pillow Fight has a great question that could tie secularists in knots. In discussing the sex abuse in school problem Tony asks: If a 13 year old girl is old enough to consent to an abortion, why… Continue Reading →

LA Times Loses Its Religion Writer to Atheism

The LA Times ran a front page piece by William Lobdell, their religion writer, about how he lost his religion. He was in the process of converting to Catholicism when he began covering the sexual abuse scandal. It’s a moving… Continue Reading →

Hire Hookers for Educators Now!

On the heels of a call for an end to the celibacy requirement by Voice of the Faithful, a new activist group (one that I just made up) called Hookers for Occupational Educators (HOE) released a statement today . According… Continue Reading →

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