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Planned Parenthood: Don’t Tell Sex Partner You Have HIV

Wow. I knew Planned Parenthood was against the right to life but wow. Now they’re even for the right to kill people outside the womb. Patterico writes: Planned Parenthood Argues for the “Right” Not to Tell Your Sex Partner You… Continue Reading →

Annie Lennox Criticizes Pope

I’ve heard the Church criticized so often as being all about money. You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. They say that the Church’s prohibition against birth control is only because it callously wants Catholics to have many babies to grow… Continue Reading →

United Nations: Latin Lovers Conversation

According to the United Nations, there are many conversations occurring in Latin America similar to the one below: Manuela: Jose, you are a very handsome man. I wish to make love to you. Jose: Si, Manuela. I can feel your… Continue Reading →

UN Lying About AIDS

UNAIDS, the global standard-bearer in the fight against HIV, has come under stinging attack in a new book accusing it of inflating numbers for fundraising purposes. The most burning criticism, levied by American epidemiologist James Chin in his book “The… Continue Reading →

Sacrificing Lives to the Agenda

Confronted with ample evidence that teaching and promoting abstinence and fidelity are key elements in fighting the AIDS pandemic in Africa, the U.S. Congress eliminated funding for the programs. From Zenit: The House Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related… Continue Reading →

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