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Connie’s Corner

To err is human,to err on a large scale requires humanism. ‘Smart Government’ is an oxymorondesigned to sell Gov’t programsto actual morons. Kicking a man when he is down,once called sin,is now called tax policy.

Connie’s Corner

If the founding fathers sawwhat is happening in our country today,they would have their slaves turn them over in their graves. Post partisan politics is a close relative of the Unicorn. Looking at what has become of our government,is it… Continue Reading →

Connie’s Corner

Alas, the Tree of Libertywas not chopped down for instruments of warbut for 1018 pages of paper. The phrase ‘the Gov’t will get you coming or going’has a whole new meaning these days. Socialized Medicine is to health carewhat Bob… Continue Reading →

Connie’s Corner – Daily Dose Of Common Sense

If you know what is good for you,you will never vote for somebody who saysthey know what is good for you. I don’t think that cremation is for me,I don’t want to give God any ideas. Before voting remember,true love… Continue Reading →

Common Constance’s Almanack

Summer holds on with some hazy, hot, and humid days still ahead of us. Cucumbers and a rebellious spirit are now at their peak. A progressive is someonewho wants to fix something that isn’t brokenby throwing it out. The world… Continue Reading →

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