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America Mag Bails on Fight for Religious Liberty

Run away! Run away! The brave editors of America Magazine stood for a while with the bishops in their struggle for religious liberty. But no more. The editors of the Jesuit magazine have sounded the trumpets of retreat and are… Continue Reading →

America: Ut unum sint! – Not!

The Anglo-Catholic reunion is going to put the liberal Catholic faction into convulsions. In fact, it has already started. The dependably silly Michael Sean Winters over at America Magazine is doing backflips to avoid reality and worries about the future… Continue Reading →

If You’re Going to be Stupid…

This is my advice to anyone with a keyboard. If you’re going to be stupid be your own kind of stupid. Be first. Jump in. Make people step back and say, “Wow. That was really stupid.” At least you’ll be… Continue Reading →

America: Obama is Stupid or Weak Executive

Michael Sean Winters of America Magazine concludes that President Obama is either really really stupid or a weak executive. OK. He didn’t really say it in those words but it’s all right there for the discerning eye. Sean Winters writes… Continue Reading →

Even A Broken Clock …

I was perusing America Magazine, admittedly to find something silly that I could use my God given sarcastic talents to ridicule. As it turns out, my sarcastic talents provide me and my clan an evolutionary advantage. (Who Knew?) However, even… Continue Reading →

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