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Wait, I Thought Jesus Was Made Up

I’m sure this is all part of some clever Church conspiracy to write something down about Jesus around 70 AD and then hide it away making it very difficult to find for about oh 2000 years. I’m not smart enough… Continue Reading →

Will Stone Age Skeletons Spark Protest?

Uh-oh. They’re not going to like this. I’ve got to wonder if this will cause protests among the homosexual community against Stone Age German skeletons. According to The Independent: A Stone Age burial ground, where the bodies of adults and… Continue Reading →

Cold Case: Old Testament

Check out the hottest new show to hit the airwaves, “Cold Case: Old Testament.” The first episode of this gripping crime drama is ripped from today’s headlines. It seems that some guy named Jeremiah a long long time ago wrote… Continue Reading →

Scientists Discover Truth in The Bible! Again!

A wall mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Nehemiah and long sought by archaeologists apparently has been found, an Israeli archaeologist says, even though most scientists…unsuprisingly…believed the wall didn’t really exist. How many times do we see this story every… Continue Reading →

Favorite Headline of the Day

In Afghanistan, 900-foot Sleeping Buddha eludes archaeologists. Wait a second. This Buddha is 900 feet tall. And it’s sleeping. And you still can’t find it. Come on. Something tells me someone’s not really looking all that hard.

Always Keep Your Receipts

Nebo-Sarsekim – the chief eunuch to King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon – is being audited. It is a darn good thing he kept his receipts. A popular notion among scholars that has trickled down to the secular culture is that… Continue Reading →

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