Uh-oh. They’re not going to like this. I’ve got to wonder if this will cause protests among the homosexual community against Stone Age German skeletons.
According to The Independent:

A Stone Age burial ground, where the bodies of adults and children lay together for thousands of years entwined in tender embraces, has provided the earliest evidence for the existence of the nuclear family.

DNA tests on four skeletons from one of the graves have shown that the family unit of mother, father and their biological children goes back at least 4,600 years, when these bodies were carefully interred after a violent death.

The Stone Age site near Eulau in Germany contains the skeletons of several groups of adults and children buried facing one another in an arrangement that may mirror their relationships in life, scientists said yesterday.

In one grave, a mother is embracing her son, while crouching next to her in the same grave is the father with his arms around their elder son. “A direct child-parent relationship was detected in one burial, providing the oldest molecular genetic evidence of a nuclear family,” the scientists said in the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The discovery shows that families included mothers, fathers and children even back then. I wonder if gay advocates will simply question why Stone Age skeletons weren’t progressive enough to allow gay marriage and simply stuck to the “nuclear family” model. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have a Stone Age Barack Obama.

These skeletons could be seen as evidence that families have been a stable institution for thousands of years and not invented in the patriarchal 1950’s as a method of oppressing women. But I’m sure the media will say the discovery is a sad display that Stone Age German skeletons were stuck in the ways of the past and maybe were killed because they failed to adapt thus proving evolution and the validity of gay marriage in one fell swoop.