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Bishops Threaten To Oppose Obamacare

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has published a strong letter of warning (signed by Bishops William F. Murphy, Cardinal Justin Rigali, and Bishop John Wester) urging all Congressmen and Senators that unless the current healthcare bills change radically,… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Rigali Vs. Congress

You know how President Obama and the majority of representatives in Congress aren’t pro-abortion, they’re just pro-choice. They all don’t want abortion. They all want to work together to reduce abortions. You believe that, right? Well, since when does the… Continue Reading →

Her Beautiful Excommunication?

Two Catholic women went through ordination ceremonies, one a “deacon,” the other as a “priest” in a synagogue in Philadelphia and were therefore immediately excommunicated, according to Philly.com: Mary Schoettly, 66, of Sussex County, N.J., was ordained a priest. Chava… Continue Reading →

City of Brotherly Love?

City councils approve all sorts of silly resolutions honoring people or groups or special weeks and Philadelphia is no exception. Philadelphia is the murder and corruption capital of the world so it makes perfect sense that the City of Brotherly… Continue Reading →

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