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Sebelius: Everyone Pays for Abortion

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admits in this video that everyone will be funding abortion in the Senate “compromise.” This must come as quite a shock to “pro-life” Senator Bob Casey who seemed to think otherwise in an interview with Greta….. Continue Reading →

Bob Casey Jr.: “Give Me 15 Minutes and I’ll Overlook Death!”

“Pro-life” Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Jr. made history yesterday at the Democratic National Convention. His eloquence and forcefulness on the issue of life is a modern day Profile in Courage. Casey, a pro-life Catholic Democrat, deserves to be noticed for… Continue Reading →

Has Catholic Senator Bob Casey Flipped on Abortion?

Is Democratic Sen. Bob Casey still pro-life? He ran as a pro-life Democrat in Pennsylvania last year and knocked off pro-life stalwart Senator Rick Santorum. Last Thursday Casey voted for an amendment by Sen. Sam Brownback to preserve the federal… Continue Reading →

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