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When Quasi Celebrities Cheat

Two quasi celebrities have pictures of them cavorting with women made very very public that starts the rumor mills that they’re cheating on their vows. Uh-oh. So what do you do next? So you’ve seen the images of one of… Continue Reading →

Fr. Greeley: Priests Are Happy Without Wives

In an op-ed yesterday published in the Chicago Sun-Times, Father Andrew Greeley argues that priests don’t necessarily need to get married to be happy or that marriage will stop sexual abuse of children. Though there are many things I don’t… Continue Reading →

A Black Mark on The Vatican

The Vatican has suspended a priest in the Holy See who acknowledged homosexual relations in a supposedly anonymous television interview with a black dot over his face, but was identified by superiors from background shots of his office, says Reuters…. Continue Reading →

Hire Hookers for Educators Now!

On the heels of a call for an end to the celibacy requirement by Voice of the Faithful, a new activist group (one that I just made up) called Hookers for Occupational Educators (HOE) released a statement today . According… Continue Reading →

Abuse Tied to Celibacy Requirement?

The Voice of the Faithful will “be calling for the Vatican to do an ecclesiastical review of the celibacy issue,” according to the New York Times. The group’s president, Mary Pat Fox, asked for the review because research showed “it… Continue Reading →

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