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Obama: “The Second Catholic President?”

Look. I understand the need to sell magazines or get hits on the blog. Sometimes you’ve got to be edgy. You want to get noticed. But there’s a difference between pushing the envelope and just plain old crying for attention…. Continue Reading →

Commonweal Doesn’t Mind Hypocrisy

We’ve all seen the story on the South Carolina priest who announced that voting for Obama was a matter worthy of confession and people shouldn’t receive Communion until they do so. Well shock of shocks. Commonweal, that famous liberal Catholic… Continue Reading →

Read Me: Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss

This post is a collection of sundry items that I found interesting. Perhaps you will as well. First, from Commonweal Magazine comes the story of conversion of French born American author Julian Green. Wikipedia describes the author of LĂ©viathan and… Continue Reading →

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