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Holder: First Amendment Allows Us to Force Catholics to Buy Contraception

The Justice Department will defend the HHS contraceptive mandate against legal challenges like those filed by The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. But that’s to be expected. But on top of that, according to CNS News, Attorney General Eric Holder… Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Is Right. Wait, Did I Just Say That?

I hate writing about Ron Paul because the mere mention of his name sets off a firestorm. But here’s my deal with Ron Paul. he’s one of those guys that I listen to for about six minutes and I’m like… Continue Reading →

Dem Congressman: The Constitution is Wrong

I know for years our elected officials have ignored the Constitution but they’re not supposed to say their true feelings in public. But here it is – a Dem congressman saying outright that the Constitution is wrong. For BIG GOVERNMENT… Continue Reading →

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