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Is Castro Re-Converting to Catholicism?

This seems like big news to me. Get Religion is reporting that Fidel Castro may be seeking to be received back into the Catholic Church in conjunction with the Pope’s upcoming visit. This is a mass murderer. On of the… Continue Reading →

Name That Catholic!!!

The latest installment of the hottest web based game show “Name That Catholic!” Here’s a quote: Much water has flown under the Tiber’s bridges, carrying away splendor and mystery from Rome since the pontificate of Pius XII… [T]he banalities and… Continue Reading →

Anne Rice Breaks Up with Christ

Duuude. Famous novelist and former atheist Anne Rice just broke up with Christ…ON FACEBOOK! Totally ruuuuude. Uncool. Breaking up via Facebook is just a little bit better than getting broken up with via Tweet. Not much better but I guess… Continue Reading →

Fr. Ernie Davis Sings Of His Conversion

Father Ernie Davis, a former Episcopalian, has started a new blog called “How Can I Keep From Singing?” and one of his first posts is Why I Became Catholic. I’m a huge fan of conversion stories. This is a really… Continue Reading →

I Love Conversion Stories

I love conversion stories. I do. In fact, my favorite show on television was always “The Journey Home” on EWTN. But our cable company removed EWTN so now I watch it online. So now it’s my favorite internet show. But… Continue Reading →

Tony Blair Now a Catholic! Really?

Six months after stepping down as Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair has completed his long-expected conversion to Roman Catholicism from Britain’s established church, Anglicanism, according to the NY Times. Mr. Blair, now a Middle East envoy, was received into the… Continue Reading →

Paris’ Favorite Bible Passage

I don’t normally talk or even think of Paris Hilton but Larry King last night stumbled unwittingly upon a great moment in television in his interview with the heiress. Paris said, “I’ve always been religious” and “God does make everything… Continue Reading →

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