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Dawkins: “Jesus Would’ve Been an Atheist”

Famous atheist Richard Dawkins said in a recent interview that Jesus would’ve been an atheist if he knew what we knew today. Wait. What? Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense. Here’s the exact quote: “I wrote [an] article called ‘Atheists… Continue Reading →

CS Lewis’ Gender Bender Controversy

I never thought I’d see a story about a gender controversy with CS Lewis. My first thought was that someone was attempting to slander Lewis in the same way that was done to J. Edgar Hoover after his death painting… Continue Reading →

Gollum as Screwtape

We referred to this on The Reader but it’s definitely worth the main site. Andy Serkis who played Gollum is taking on Screwtape. I gotta’ admit. He kind of freaks me out. Check it out.

Something Tells Me Screwtape is Behind This

Relatives of an Oxford professor are upset that a charity has ‘marginalized’ his name in favor of the author C.S. Lewis at the nature preserve they helped to buy. The 12 acres of land, which once belonged to the writer… Continue Reading →

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