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Stupidest Things Ever Said In Hindsight

According to the Darwin Project Charles Darwin wrote to the physiologist William Preyer: “The support which I receive from Germany is my chief ground for hoping that our views will ultimately prevail.” So how did Darwinism work out in Germany?… Continue Reading →

Duh! Of The Day

Some scientists are being hailed as geniuses by ABC News because they “discovered” two things: 1) that violence is not a recent phenomenon because humans may have been at war with each other for a long long time and 2)… Continue Reading →

Of Darwinism and Narcissicism

John Allen writes in his weekly column about the conference recently hosted at the Vatican entitled “Biological Evolution: Facts and Theories.” One of the purposes of the conference is to more clearly illustrate that the Church is not opposed to… Continue Reading →

Darwin’s Prescient Friend and Mentor

For some reason a main topic of conversation recently is atheism vs. Christianity. And us religious types are pretty much blamed for everything from The Inquisition to 9-11. And atheists are portrayed as peace-niks without original sin who simply believe… Continue Reading →

Darwin or Die

Question Darwinism and you are deemed a threat to democracy.The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE) has adopted a resolution to ban creationism from receiving any discussion in schools outside of religion classes. The reason? “The Parliamentary Assembly… Continue Reading →

A Very Presumptuous Affirmation

The Catholic Herald carries a very interesting Paolo Gambi interview with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn regarding his concerns about the implications of the Council of Europe statement condemning creationism. The entire thing is definitely worth reading. I excerpt one question and… Continue Reading →

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