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Santorum Asked To Reconcile Catholicism and Limited Government

Journalist Brian Williams quizzed Presidential candidate Rick Santorum at the debate last night on how he reconciles being Catholic which means he should care for the poor with being a dirty filthy Republican who doesn’t think Big Government is the… Continue Reading →

He’s So Bad You Can’t Believe It

Obama has one thing going for him. His record on abortion is so extreme that nobody will be able to believe that it’s true of the smiling man who says he cares. When John McCain, after what seemed like hours… Continue Reading →

Sarah, Joe, And The Expectations Game

My short little video essay on last night’s debate. Well done Sarah.

The Moment I’ll Remember: “I Have a Bracelet Too.”

To me, this was a very real moment that just felt so awkward and phony that it may last a lot longer than any other thing that was said last night. The way he couldn’t remember the name was just…icky…. Continue Reading →

Abortion is Above Obama’s Pay Grade?

This, for me, was one of the most telling moments of the “debate” last night at Saddleback Church. Reuters described it this way: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama side-stepped a pointed query about abortion on Saturday by “mega-pastor” Rick… Continue Reading →

Dems Talk Potential Life

Newsweek’s Jon Meacham, who co-hosted the weirdly titled “Compassion Forum” with CNN’s Campbell Brown, wasted little time before asking both candidates whether they believe life begins at conception. He should be applauded for asking the question even though the candidates… Continue Reading →

Gov. Richardson’s Painful Moment of Truth

One Democratic candidate for President almost stood up for what he believed at the “gay Debate” last week but quickly shrugged it off and went back to pandering. Governor Bill Richardson’s response at the gay debate the other night was… Continue Reading →

Republican Primates

My smug-o-meter shot off the charts this week following the GOP debate. The liberal elite so abhors those who believe in God they forget that most of us do actually do. During the recent GOP debate on MSNBC, three candidates… Continue Reading →

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