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Borrowing from Missing Children

Hey America keep on contracepting, keep on aborting, keep on viewing humans as a cancer on the planet, embracing gay marriage, and oh yeah let’s keep borrowing from the children we’re preventing and killing in the womb. There will never… Continue Reading →

NYT: Where All The Babies At?

Christians of various sort have been been sounding the alarm about the demographic mass suicide occurring in Europe for years only to be greeted by the sounds of a mass yawn. But it seems that cognoscenti may be rising from… Continue Reading →

EU: America Overrun With Small Invaders

With the demographics of Europe in free fall, some social experts and scientists from Europe traveled to America last week on a fact finding mission to discover why America’s population was stable and even increasing. The scientists were shocked to… Continue Reading →

Mommy, Why was I Born?

When children in Russia ask their parents about why they had them, the answer is increasingly likely to sound like the Price is Right. “Because by having you we won…A NEW CAR!!!!! With All Wheel Drive, a Cd Player, Power… Continue Reading →

The Fun Way to Save the World

First the good news – Rising immigration has fueled 26-year fertility high in the UK. The average number of children in England has risen for a fifth straight year to 1.87 Now the Bad news. The last decade has seen… Continue Reading →

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