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Kmiec Defends Obama

Catholics hatin’ on Obama? That can’t stand. So Captain Kmiec, Obama apologist, flies in to the rescue in the pages of the National Catholic Reporter. National Catholic Reporter: Sometimes one is tempted to say a plague on both your houses…. Continue Reading →

Kmiec Resigns!

Doug Kmiec, Barack Obama’s ambassador to Malta, has resigned or was forced out depending on what you read. But the reason seems to be that he was speaking and writing about his faith too much. Kmiec, a Catholic who had… Continue Reading →

CMR’s Fall Lineup!

It’s pilot season at CMR Entertainment Corporation and we’re in the midst of creating a few new shows for the fall lineup. Here’s the new lineup for the upcoming CMR channel. Hope you enjoy our sitcoms this year. Those Wacky… Continue Reading →

The Kmiec Catholic Re-Education Camp

Are you having trouble understanding how voting pro-choice is actually a pro-life decision? Experiencing difficulty seeing how the most radically pro-abortion President is actually the best thing to happen to babies since pacifiers? Feeling like you’re not a “cool Catholic”… Continue Reading →

NCR Attacks Pro-Life Bishops

The latest editorial from the National Catholic Reporter lambastes the pro-life effort of bishops. I’m trying to make heads or tails out of their point of view but it just seems to follow the already stale Kmiec-isms that the real… Continue Reading →

Catholic, Anti-abortion, and Supporting Obama?

A canon lawyer has joined the Kmiec crusade to ensure that Catholics feel good about voting for Obama. This piece in the National Catholic Reporter was written by Nicholas Cafardi, a civil and canon lawyer, and former dean at Duquesne… Continue Reading →

Captain Kmiec To The Rescue!

This Q and A between the New York Times and the infamous Catholic Obama supporter Doug Kmiec. A few things to note from Kmiec’s responses is that he is a victim here but he must continue his fight in order… Continue Reading →

Comparing Kmiec to Kansas Clergy

It amuses me to read about Catholics like Doug Kmiec on CBN News working night and day on fudging and fiddling with the language of the Democratic platform on abortion while the Bishops of Kansas speak so eloquently and simply… Continue Reading →

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