It’s pilot season at CMR Entertainment Corporation and we’re in the midst of creating a few new shows for the fall lineup. Here’s the new lineup for the upcoming CMR channel. Hope you enjoy our sitcoms this year.

Those Wacky Uighurs – If you’re looking for some jest in your jihad, don’t change that channel. It’s a fish out of water tale as four suspected Chinese terrorists land right smack in the middle of paradise in a pink house in Bermuda. Hilarity ensues as four of the zaniest fishes out of water adapt to life in paradise and scheme about ways to break back into their former jail Gitmo because life was easier there.

Episode 1: In the most wacky case of miscommunication since Three’s Company, one of the jihadists overhears swordplay and the screams of a woman and jumps to conclusions. In his efforts to help cover up a messy slaughter he raises the attention of the local politically incorrect but kindly old sheriff who calls them “The Chinamen.” In the end the joke is on everyone because it turns out that Ahmed, the womanizing terrorist, was just trying to cut free the beautiful girl next door who mistakenly handcuffed herself to the garage door.

The Queen and the Dream!: It’s a new Odd couple but this time it’s the Queen of England who’s forced to live with the American first lady after a dirty nuclear bomb from North Korea destroys Buckingham Palace.

Episode 1: The two who’ve made no secret they don’t get along…AT ALL…find themselves locked in the basement of Buckinghman Palace together after the dirty bomb goes off. Will they be found? After drawing a line across the middle of the room, listening to speeches on their Ipods and watching discount movies the two are forced to work together to get out of the basement. Hilarity ensues.

The Incredible Kmiec: In this hour long weekly drama, mild mannered Catholic law professor Doug Kmiec is overnight transformed into a pro-death fanatic. While he’s hurting everyone who comes across his path, a ragtag team of theologians and law professors chase him across the world but not to harm him but to save him from himself.

Episode 1: In an election year mishap, Kmiec is transformed into the infamous monster who can’t see logic and is enraged at even the slightest question. In this episode, our theologians and law professors have cornered him logically but Kmiec misunderstands and only seeks to get away one more time. Will he escape? Will he just intentionally not answer the question? Will he receive the White House appointment he’s so longed for before his old friends can save him from himself?

Oh No Joe!: It’s a modern day live action Mr. Magoo. Follow Joe Biden as he stumbles, mumbles and bumbles his way through the White House and world affairs. And watch as the White House tries to silence Joe but they’ll all soon learn that you can’t sink the irrepressible Joe!

Episode 1: This coming of age tale deals with Joe going to a 7-11 and dealing with a difficult to understand Indian, Joe coaxing a paralyzed man to walk, and being amazed at how clean and articulate an African-American can be and other wacky miscommunications.

If you’ve got any other ideas for great shows for pilot season please let us know. You will be given no credit, no money, and be shunned by the industry which we’re pretty sure is common practice for dealing with writers.