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Evil is Soooo Funny

Comedian David Cross tells Keith Olbermann he’s happy to learn that television watching shortens lives because it’ll sooner kill old people who are “not contributing anything” and we’ll all have to pay for to keep alive. This is so ghastly… Continue Reading →

The Truth About Communism

I’ve said it before I don’t understand why communism has managed to avoid being classified right there along with fascism. People still seem to believe that it’s a benevolent if slightly naive system. When a system reaches the 100 million… Continue Reading →

Hollywood vs. The Bible

You want to know how I know the Bible is divinely inspired? Easy. Because the villains in the Bible are so much better than what even the sick twisted minds of Hollywood have been able to come up with in… Continue Reading →

Throw the Gun Or Run?

I’ve been thinking about evil. Hard not to sometimes if you’re reading the news. It seems to me there are different kinds of evil. There’s the guy who knows he’s committing evil and either just doesn’t care or gets a… Continue Reading →

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