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Church Blackmails Pols With Excommunication

We’re told all the time by politicians how irrelevant the Church is to people’s lives but then why do those same politicians attack the Church all the time. A Polish government minister has accused the Church of using excommunication as… Continue Reading →

Excommunication Mean You’re Going to Hell?

Catholic Answers Apologist Jimmy Akin answers this “burning” question. Get it? Burning question. ‘Cause the question is about hell so I said “burning?” But Akin’s answer does point out that excommunication while often perceived as a harsh penalty is meant… Continue Reading →

Can the Church Excommunicate a Cartoon Nun?

The American Life League explains the automatic excommunication of Sister Margaret McBride with a cartoon. I’ve got to admit this is a pretty novel way to get the point across. Politics Daily

Priest Questions Bishop Olmsted

The Church’s sexual abuse scandal is the “blame Bush” of Catholicism. Anything that goes wrong anywhere that has even the remotest connection to Catholicism can be explained by or blamed on the sex abuse scandal. It’s reflexive now. Liberal Catholics… Continue Reading →

Nun Excommunicated for Approving Abortion

A nun reportedly approved of an abortion and is now automatically excommunicated. This, of course, is already being portrayed as the Church oppressing pregnant women and nuns. To be technical though, the sister who approved of the abortion excommunicated herself…. Continue Reading →

Is Priest Excommunicated or Not?

Maryknoll priest Fr. Roy Bourgeois last year faced excommunication from the Vatican because of his decision to take part in the ordination of a women as a priest. After taking part in the female ordination, he was given a certain… Continue Reading →

Her Beautiful Excommunication?

Two Catholic women went through ordination ceremonies, one a “deacon,” the other as a “priest” in a synagogue in Philadelphia and were therefore immediately excommunicated, according to Philly.com: Mary Schoettly, 66, of Sussex County, N.J., was ordained a priest. Chava… Continue Reading →

Theologian: Pope Should Resign

The Pope should step down because he’s allowing a sinner an opportunity to join the Church. Man, if Jesus hadn’t resurrected He’d be spinning in his grave upon learning we were allowing sinners into the Church now. Have we no… Continue Reading →

Rabbi Accuses Church of Oppression

So you remember this about the Maryknoller priest named Bourgeois who is being told he may be excommunicated for his participation in the unauthorized ordination of a female priest. Well who’s speaking out for the priest and against the Church… Continue Reading →

The Last Gasp of the Hippies

Consider this the last gasp of the hippie generation. This entire generation is stunned that they were unable to completely overhaul the Church during their lifetime. They had such success changing academia and even local parishes but now they wander… Continue Reading →

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