The Pope should step down because he’s allowing a sinner an opportunity to join the Church. Man, if Jesus hadn’t resurrected He’d be spinning in his grave upon learning we were allowing sinners into the Church now. Have we no standards?! Because you know, Jesus only came to save perfect people like liberal theologians.

According to The Mail and Guardian:

The excommunication of a Holocaust denier escalated on Monday, with one theologian calling on him to step down as the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Criticism following the pope’s January 24 announcement has been particularly cutting in Germany, where denying the Holocaust is a crime punishable with a jail sentence.

“If the pope wants to do some good for the church, he should leave his job,” eminent liberal Catholic theologian Hermann Haering told the German daily Tageszeitung.

“That would not be a scandal, a bishop has to relinquish his position at 75 years, a cardinal loses his rights at 80 years,” he said.

Pope Benedict (81) sparked an international uproar when he cancelled the excommunication of four bishops consecrated in 1998 by the rebel conservative French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

And what exactly does the bishop’s view on the Holocaust have to do with the excommunication? Absolutely nothing. The bishop is clearly muddle-headed about some things but that doesn’t cut him off from grace, does it? Isn’t it the liberals who are always talking about compassion anyway? I guess compassion is only for gay marriage advocates and abortion promoting Catholics.