So, in an interview with Matt Lauer yesterday, President Barack Obama essentially called Jessica Simpson fat. I’m not kidding.

According to Gateway Pundit:

During his pre-Super Bowl interview with Matt Lauer Barack Obama joked about Jessica Simpson’s weight.

LAUER: And here’s a great picture —

OBAMA: Oh, it’s beautiful.

LAUER: — of — of you and — and Michelle and — and your daughters. Now, the — the reason I bring this up I think is funny. It’s a great picture.

OBAMA: Yeah.

LAUER: But I wanna show you the cover. Look what they did. They — they took you off the cover.

OBAMA: Yeah.

LAUER: They took you out of it.

OBAMA: It — it’s — it’s a little hurtful.

LAUER: You got replaced by Jessica Simpson.

OBAMA: Yeah, who’s losing a weight battle apparently. (LAUGHTER) Yeah. Oh, well.

LAUER: What would you like to say to the tens of millions of people who are watching this game today?

(If you want to see video, Gateway Pundit has the link)

Now, remember this is the same guy who flipped the bird to Hillary Clinton in the same way adolescents do.

Obama thinks he’s the cool kid in high school who thinks he can make fun of everyone. And the media in their role as beta males just love any attention he gives them. Matt Lauer acted like a weenie just laughing at Obama’s incredibly rude comment.

I mean just imagine if George W. Bush had said Queen Latifah is losing the Battle of the Bulge. The media would be outraged. Latifah would be crying on Oprah all week.

And remember when Mr. Bipartisan got into his first squabble with Republicans over his “stimulus bill” what does he do? He didn’t negotiate. He said, “I won” as a discussion ender.

If my kids acted like this they’d be in their room. I’ll admit he is my President. And my President is a jerk. I hope Tony Romo kicks his…

So Pat and I have a difference of opinion on what’s coming next. Pat thinks he’ll laugh it off and blame Republicans for making too much out of his innocuous comment. I think he’ll offer up a quick apology so the media can bury it fast. What do you think?