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12 Reasons It’s Harder to Be a Dad than a Mom

I wrote this a while back but since it’s Father’s Day I thought it appropriate. 12 Reasons It’s Harder to be a Dad than a Mom There are thousands and thousands of Mommy blogs out there detailing the trials and… Continue Reading →

Perfect Father’s Day Card for Today’s Man

HT Shamelessly stolen from Ace of Spades.

Obama Admits Life Begins at Conception?

Tim Graham, of NRO’s Media Blog caught this gem from Obama’s essay in Parade Magazine about fatherhood. I think Obama’s going to need his teleprompter to even write his essays now too. Here’s what Obama wrote: That is why we… Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day!!

Two Father’s Day anecdotes. One – My daughter told me last night that she put my Father’s Day present in a very safe place. So safe that in fact, she can’t remember where she put it. She told me I… Continue Reading →

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